Do you own a pet? Do you sometimes worry about the cost of taking good care of your pet’s health? Pet insurance protects your four-legged friends when they have a medical emergency or face life-threatening health issues.

Extent of Coverage:

Pet insurance is designed to be as comprehensive as possible. It covers a wide range of incidences that could occur to your pet. Some of the covered areas include:

  • Accidents
  • Cancer
  • Dental problems
  • Illness
  • Surgery/Hospitalization
  • Alternative therapy
  • Genetic conditions

What Will Not Be Covered?

Although standard pet insurance covers several health concerns/ injuries sustained by your pet, the following will be excluded from your pet insurance coverage:

  • Endodontic procedures
  • Orthodontic procedures
  • Pregnancy/Breeding costs
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Conditions that existed even before the policy was taken
  • Breed conditions
  • Behavioral problems

Most of these are not life-threatening and are procedures that can be covered with other specialized policies. You can also add these to your existing policy at an extra cost (by paying higher premiums).

What will not be covered

Who Are the Eligible Pets?

Not all pets are eligible for a policy. Several conditions must be met for your pet to qualify for pet insurance. Some of these include:

  • Your pet must not be over the age of 14.
  • It shouldn’t have a history of diabetes, Addison’s disease, or Cushing’s disease.
  • Your pet should not have a pre-existing terminal condition.
Eligible pets

At Humble Insurance Group, we value your pets as much as you do. For more information on pet insurance or to obtain specialized coverage for your pet, give us a call at (425)-226-8221 or fill out our online form to learn more.