Boats and watercraft are huge investments; however, if you love being on the water, they are worth it! At Humble Insurance Group, we can help you protect your valuable vessel the way you want. Our team of expert professionals can assist you with customized policies that meet your unique needs and budget.


Boats are the most common watercraft available. Boat insurance covers fittings, equipment, hull, furnishing, and machinery present on the vessel. Even if your boat isn’t expensive, you need boat insurance to cover any medical liabilities that may occur while you are on your boat. Boat insurance also helps during the offseason and ensures all-round protection of your vessel.


Jet Skis

Jet Skis can be a source of unlimited fun. Though they offer a world of delight on the open water, Jet Skis could easily be a source of financial liability if not properly cared for. Several factors affect the cost of jet ski insurance, some of which include:

  • Market value
  • Model, year, and make
  • Horsepower, engine model, and maximum speed
  • The location where it is stored
  • Claims, credit, and accident history
Jet Skis


Yachts are expensive and luxurious watercraft that must be protected with adequate yacht insurance. The right yacht insurance policy will cover damages done to the vessel by accident or natural occurrences such as weather damages. It will also cover liability resulting from accidents onboard the ship, such as bodily harm/injury. If you own a yacht, some of the benefits you will get from insuring your vessel include towing privileges, equipment protection, and medical bill settlement, among others. Yachts are not regular boats, and as such, you must insure them to protect yourself from sudden financial liabilities.



Trailer insurance covers the contents of your trailer and any damages that may occur as a result of accidents or natural causes. Depending on the coverage extended by your policy, your trailer will be covered when it is parked and during transit to ensure full and comprehensive coverage. There are various types of trailers that can be insured, such as box trailers and link trailers. Regardless of the type of trailer you possess, you can always have it insured.

Boat Raliers

Boating/Fishing Equipment

Although some boat insurance covers your fishing and boating equipment, it is always best to ensure you’re well protected by taking out a separate policy for your equipment. Fishing gear can be quite expensive, and replacing it out of pocket can result in a heavy financial burden.

Boating Fishing Equipment

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